Contacts & Resources

Primary Contact

The Food Service Review Committee Chair is the primary point of contact for all questions related to food service planning and placement. The Chair coordinates and directs all inquiries to appropriate Food Service Review Committee members and offices, such as Procurement, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH), University Planner and others to ensure an integrated, collaborative, and transparent approach through the initial phase of the process. In addition, the Chair provides information on consulting resources to assist units with the proposal process, if requested.

Loren Rullman
Food Service Review Committee Chair
Associate Vice President of Student Life
Phone: 734.763.1291

Contacts After Institutional Approval

After the Food Service Planning Committee has approved the initial concept proposal, units may contact the following individuals below for further assistance:

Procurement and supplier selection

Gabriel Benitez
Senior Procurement Agent, Procurement
Phone: 734.615.5961

Construction and building assessments

David Stockson
Manager of Architectural Services, AEC
Phone: 734.764.3414

Food and fire safety inspections and approvals

Pam Koczman
Manager, Operational Safety and Community Health, OSEH
Phone: 734.647.1139