Planning Guidelines, Process & Tools


The Food Service Planning Guidelines clearly outline the entire process of proposing, planning, constructing and opening a food service operation on campus. Specific items addressed in the guidelines and process diagrams include:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Required review approvals
  • Campus planning philosophies and strategies
  • Overview of the tasks and timeframes in each of the process phases


Proposal Forms & Tools

The following downloadable and fillable forms are required for Phase 1: Unit Proposal & Institutional Review, outlined in the Food Service Planning Guidelines.

Download PDF of Food Service Proposal Form A

Food Service Proposal Form

Used to indicate the unit need for a food operation, to describe the proposed concept and location, and to provide building infrastructure, financial, and operational details.

When to Submit: Submit anytime during year.

Download Financial Proforma

Financial Proforma

Submitted in conjunction with Food Service Proposal Form, provides estimated site build-out costs, operational costs, labor costs, and sales and revenue projections.

When to Submit: Submit with Food Service Proposal Form.

Submit forms

Submit all forms to Food Service Review Committee Chair:

Kambiz Khalili
Associate Vice President for Student Life

For More Information

For more information on the food service planning process, guidelines, or tools, or for assistance in completing the proposal process, contact:

Kambiz Khalili
Food Service Review Committee Chair
Associate Vice President for Student Life
Phone: 734.763.1291